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Pre-Sale Gaming & Bonus Content

Increase sales by tapping into pre-sale gaming and reservation programs

Gaming is a $40 billion industry with a large fan base of casual and fanatic gamers. The Adility promotions platform, layered on top of the Incomm POSA rails, enables retailers to instantly add pre-sale gaming cards to their product catalog, lock in the sales of a future product release and lift the sale by linking exclusive bonus content to a pre-sale card.

With Adility, retailers can easily create and participate in pre-sale gaming programs where bonus content is delivered upon the purchase of a pre-sale gaming card. The Adility promotions platform enables retailers to choose gaming partners and the bonus content that is delivered to the consumer as an incentive for the pre-sale.

Program Features

Create promotions:

  • Online interface to define promotions, messaging and creative
  • Attach any number of promotions (bonus content) to a pre-sale card

Control distribution:

  • Retailer-branded site to deliver bonus content
  • Secure management of personal information
  • Landing page for each game embedded in micro site

"LinkedIn" for pre-sale gaming:

  • Invite gaming and console partners to sponsor promotions
  • Game partners can participate in promo definition
  • One-click connection to gaming and console partners

Bonus content delivery and security:

  • Validation of activated pre-sale gaming card
  • Status change of original pre-sale card after bonus is delivered
  • Secure storage and delivery of "hot" PINs from gaming and console partners

Sample Card Partners

Partners Sample

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